Thursday, 27 May 2010

Las Vegas, Musical Slide Shows

In November 2008 I visited Las Vegas as part of a trip to Nevada and Arizona,
taking in the Grand Canyon and Sedona also. The following are some musical
slide shows from the trip. (One day I may produce more.)

Las Vegas both intrigued and appalled me! Like Vanity Fair in John Bunyan's book,
The Pilgrim's Progress, the city seemed to me to be a literal embodiment — a visual
parable if you like — of all the values which are slowly but surely driving the human
race to the brink of extinction.

The third video on this page has an 'epilogue' which highlights the difference between
the glitzy lights of Mankind compared to the true Light of God.

Please make sure your audio is turned on, with the volume turned up, to appreciate
these entertaining videos.

Las Vegas, The Strip

Staying at The Hilton

Las Vegas' Lights — wine, women & song — 
contrasted with a greater light